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Del 21 al 22 de març de 2018

Spring 2018 LOINC Conference

Murray, Utah


The push for clinical data interoperability is coming from many directions, and LOINC plays an essential role. At the workshop you'll learn what's necessary to implement LOINC into your systems.

We’ve massively retooled and expanded the LOINC Workshop to include keynotes and all-new sessions led by the LOINC team experts. Choose sessions that match your interests and experience at this in-person, hands-on event. Your workshop fee gives you complete access to all the sessions.


Hear the latest updates and discuss key issues at the Public Clinical LOINC Committee Meeting on Thursday. As always, the Committee Meeting remains free and open to the public. You may also attend this meeting remotely.

Workshop attendees are encouraged to attend the committee meeting for a first-hand involvement with LOINC's development.


21 Març 2018