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april 2013


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The government gives the go-ahead to the Non-physical Healthcare Model in the health system of Catalonia

The Government of Catalonia has approved the start-up of the Non-physical Healthcare Model in order to improve the relationship between the citizens and healthcare professionals through ICTs. This model will optimise the services already in physical attention and will also create new. For instance, citizens can speed up the clinical consultations or bureaucratic processes, which can be solved by telematic means instead of physically. The Personal Health Channel will be key in this model as it is the area where citizens and professionals can access the services.

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The European Commission diagnoses the state of eHealth in Europe with two new comparative analyses

A survey made of 1,800 acute hospitals and another made of over 9,000 family doctors point to the growth in the use of eHealth in Europe. According to the results, in 2013 60% of family doctors already used electronic health solutions with an increase of 50% over the figures for 2007. Despite the positive tendency, “this is not enough” according to the vice-president of the European Commission.

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How is mHealth changing health in China and the USA, the two largest world economies?

The GSMA estimates that by 2017 the two countries with the most advanced mHealth markets will be the United States and China. In fact it is forecast that in this year the two powers will account for more than a third of this world market, which will represent 23,000 million dollars (16,667 million euros) a year of income for the whole world.

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ICT Strategist at Sweden’s County Council of Uppsala

Interview with Mr. Benny Eklund

From 1989 onwards, Mr. Benny Eklund has worked at as Manager of Strategic Systems and e-Government at the Uppsala County Council, in Sweden. He has also been involved in several EU projects. On 1997, he managed the three-year project Sustains, the first European project aimed to getting the Electronic Health Records online for the patient. In November 2012 the Council launched the eHealth service ‘My Health Record’, the first in Sweden to offer inhabitants over age 18 access to their health records online. 19,000 people have read their health record online by April 2013. Mr. Eklund is also the Chairman of the Swedish national organisation Carelinks Working Group for Patient Portals. 

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