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May 2014


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The TicSalut Foundation website starts up a catalogue of mHealth and social apps and projects

The TicSalut Foundation, on commission from the Department of Health and the Department of Social Welfare and Family of Catalonia, in 2014 will be developing the Mobility Master Plan with the support of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation. The aim is to encourage the non-attended model and the development and use of health and social mobile applications along the lines of the strategy of the Catalonia Health Plan 2011-2015. As a first step, we present the new section of the TicSalut website, created in order to bring together all mobility apps and projects developed in the social healthcare sector. Visit it and add your application to expand the collection.

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The PEGASO project will use gamification to encourage healthy habits amongst adolescents

Knowing what to do to have a healthy lifestyle doesn’t seem to be sufficient to encourage people to change their habits; on the other hand, incentives, the use of innovative methodologies, ICTs and other strategies are able to contribute substantially. This is the idea of PEGASO, a European project with Catalan participation intended to reach youngsters through games and ICTs.

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8 key points to bear in mind to improve the interoperability of the healthcare systems

Interoperability is one of the great challenges of the healthcare institutions. This is what is believed by the Office of the National Coordinator for ICT in Health of the United States Government and the West Health Institute, which have just published a report on the interventions and the lessons learned from the Healthcare Innovation Day 2014, which was dedicated to interoperability.

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Technologist and eHealth advocate

Interview with John Crawford

Mr Crawford is jointly responsible for IBM's Healthcare business in Europe. He is also Vice-President of EHTEL and he belongs to many industry groups, including COCIR, Continua and Intellect or the IT Steering Group for epSOS. Mr Crawford has given keynotes at many conferences including WoHIT or HIMSS CIO Summit and he has contributed to the World Economic Forum. With over 33 years of experience in the IT Industry, he has a particular interest in the innovative use of IT to extend the reach and capacity of national healthcare systems. Recently, he has visited the Catalan Reference Site as lead IBM representative in the EIP on Active and Healthy Aging, promoted by the European Commission.

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