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march 2015


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FATE, peace of mind and safety for the elderly liable to fall

The FATE device (Fall Detector for the Elderly) gives peace of mind and safety according to the 175 people in Catalonia, Ireland and Italy who took part in the pilot trials of the project. Created to detect the falls that the elderly might suffer, the device warns relatives and professionals with an alarm so that the person might be helped fast and without their having to report the incident. Behind the project is the CETpD research centre of the Catalonia Polytechnic University, the Fundació Tic Salut, the Medical Emergency System and the Hospital Clínic, as well as other international promoters. Its assistant director, Joan Cabestany, says that the pilot trial was very useful.

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Fundació TicSalut shows the world the activity in Catalonia in the area of health and technology at the second Health & Wellness congress

The director of Fundació TicSalut, Dr. Francesc Garcia Cuyàs, on the past Tuesday 3 March presented the Cat@Salut My Catalan Health initiative to the sector’s principal international players during the Health & Wellness meetings organized by ECHAlliance as part of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

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Catalonia takes a step forward towards electronic reported consent

Gaining security, avoiding losses and freeing space. These are some of the benefits of electronic reported consent. This is a digital document that is kept in each patient’s electronic clinical history, signed with the hand-written electronic signature to ensure that the biometric data confirming identity are also recorded. Fundació TicSalut and the Maresme Health Consortium held a meeting to present it to the health professionals.

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GBS Healthcare Industry Leader of IBM

Interview with Simon Everard Humberstone

He is the Healthcare Industry Leader of IBM Global Business Services in Europe, a branch of IBM focused on giving support in the management and coordination of systems integration. IBM GBS works both on strategies and technological systems and offers health providers both innovation products and services. This is why the position of Humberstone, both as sector leader and as a member of IBM, allows them a global view of the evolution of the healthcare system towards integrated care. Fundació TicSalut interviewed the man to know the trends in this sense and to get a first view of the developments on which work is being done in IBM.

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