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June 29th, 2015


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Fundació TicSalut introduces “Cat@Salut, La Meva Salut” at the Health 2.0 Europe Meeting

Fundació TicSalut participated in the Health 2.0 Europe conference, a meeting where various initiatives were presented. De San Pedro, a member of the Department of Education and Innovation of TicSalut, presented the latest in innovation.

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TicSalut, present at the eHealth Week in Riga

The eHealth Week, three days focused on the elaboration, development and implementation of the new health technologies in the European market, took place on 11 and 13 May in Riga, the capital city of the Baltic Republic of Latvia. Organised during the Latvian presidency of the Council of the European Union, the meeting welcomed leaders of the health sector as well as health professionals and IT experts. Four members from Fundació TicSalut attended the meeting.

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The Bioethics Committee of Catalonia approves the VISC+ Project

The VISC+ (More Value to the Health Information in Catalonia) Project, the goal of which is to anonymously and safely connect all the information about health generated in Catalonia in order to foster research in medicine and health sciences, has been approved by the Bioethics Committee of Catalonia. Conclusions show that the project respects the principles of ethics and complies with aspects related to custody and data security.

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Francesc Pla: “Today you will not see a chemist’s not using ICTs in its daily work”

Francesc Pla i Santamans is the vice president of the COFB (Association of Pharmacy Professionals in Barcelona). He has been in the post for more than seven years. He graduated in Pharmacology in the University of Barcelona and has been working in the sector for almost 30 years. He leads the Farmàcia Pla. During the past edition of the Saló Infarma he moderated the round table “Co-management of chronic procedures and ICTs”.

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  • eHealth Summer University

    Castres, 1-3 July. 

  • Health IT Summit

    San Diego, 20-21 June.

  • Meeting: How to ensure citizens’ privacy in the smart city technologies

    Barcelona, 15 June.

  • IMCAMPAM 2015

    Limerick, 10-12 June.

  • International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation 2015

    Valencia, 9-12 June.

  • iLINC, free legal assistance for start-ups

    The iLINC project is an initiative to establish a European network that brings start-up entrepreneurs into contact with law students. The aim of the project is both to offer free legal assistance for start-ups being created and at the same time offer professional internship to graduates in law who are in their postgraduate programs. Apart from helping in the creation of new companies, the iLINC project promotes the training of new professionals in the field of law.  Financed with 500,000 euros by the European Commission, the project is a kind of “legal incubator” or “legal assessment clinic” created by the university of law (or by the network of law universities), where students offer legal support to entrepreneurs under the strict supervision of their professor. The concept is relatively new in Europe and this is the reason why law professor Jonathan Askin, founder of the Brooklyn Law Incubator and Policy Clinic —an entity which offers legal services at a low cost to entrepreneurs from the New York area—, has helped to promote the project. The Universities of London, Amsterdam, Louvain and Hamburg are already participating in the project. The Catholic University of Louvain (KU Leuven) has recently been awarded 25,000 euros for its initiative.