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October, 1st


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'Nursing Blog', a new app for nursing professionals and students

The new mobile application created by the nurse Jordi Mitjà is a collection of updated and true information. "The new technologies give us opportunities we did not have before and of which, as nurses, we have to take advantage", says its creator.

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ISSISCAT and C@tSalut La Meva Salut present in the August edition of the journal of the Spanish Health IT Society (Sociedad Española de Informática de la Salud - (SEIS).

i-SSIS.Cat is an interoperability project created to help integration between the different health providers’ and social services’ information systems, whereas Cat@Salut La Meva Salut (LMS) is a personal digital space of consultation and for relating that allows citizens to have their personal health information and other services online for processes, consultations and to look after their health.

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Fundació TicSalut to take part at the SNOMED CT EXPO 2015 in Uruguay in late October

SNOMED CT EXPO 2015 will be held in Montevideo, Uruguay on the coming 29 and 30 October. The congress, which is organised by the IHTSDO (International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation), is intended to create a space for sharing experiences in the adoption and use of SNOMED CT around the world

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Results centre: a clear governmental wager on improving the health of the Catalans

Last July was witness to the fourth consecutive presentation of the 2014 reports in the areas of hospitals, primary healthcare, social healthcare and mental health and addictions, organised in Barcelona by the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Evaluation in Catalonia (Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitàries de Catalunya - AQuAS), which have allowed the efficiency of the Catalan public health system to be improved in recent years. Since 2010, the results and indicators have been collected and analysed of the quality of the healthcare in the integral health system for public use of Catalonia (SISCAT). This is the only instrument of its size in Europe.

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Juan Lucas Retamar, Sub director of Information and Communication Technologies of the Andalusian Health Service

"We have to understand citizens as a key piece in the present health system"

Hospital information systems are a set of calculation programs installed in a hospital that, amongst other things, allow a control to be had of all of the services given to patients, general statistics to be gained on them, their epidemiological details and the cost of the healthcare given to each patient to be evaluated. The hospital information systems enable hospitals to keep a strict record in electronic format, to obtain data on the patient’s treatment more securely and efficiently and affords health agencies greater control over diseases to prevent breakouts or epidemics. To know more about these hospital information systems and their interaction with the remaining elements in the health environment, we talk with Juan Lucas Retamar, Sub director of Information and Communication Technologies of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS), with recent experience in extending Diraya (the Digital Health Record in Andalusia) in hospitals, and the renovation of pharmaceutical prescription and dispensation.


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