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November 2013


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Why do we have to consider the accreditation of ICT devices, systems or services in the health sector?

Accreditation is a stamp of quality. It allows costs to be reduced; it guarantees the application of standards and gives users confidence both in the approved health product and in the ICT provider offering it. The institution responsible for giving this service in Catalonia is the Office of Standards and Interoperability (Oficina d’Estàndards i Interoperabilitat - OFTSI) of the Fundació TicSalut, appointed by the Health Department to carry out this process. The OFTSI helps companies at all times and ensures that the evaluated system, device or service meets the requirements defined for its domain. One new aspect is that the documentation of the process for approving the Mental Health Information Systems is now available.

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Dr. García Cuyàs: “Coordination between the different healthcare levels is a challenge, but the ICTs will help us”

“We have many ICT tools and now we have to be imaginative and seek models: we have a lot of work ahead of us,” said the the Director of the Fundació TicSalut in a talk on healthcare integration as part of a technical session in FòrumCIS.

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Big data and social networks on health to improve medicine

Big data - large volumes of structured and destructured data series – drawn from electronic medical records, laboratories, radiology systems or even doctors’ notes are today a valuable resource for obtaining complementary information in order to improve healthcare.

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New president of FòrumCIS

Interview with Dr. Isidre Fàbregues

A graduate and doctor in Medicine and Surgery and also a senior engineer in IT with a master’s degree in Public Management, Dr. Isidre Fàbregues is the new president of FòrumCIS, an association around which a real and virtual space of active participation of professionals has been created that support ICTs to improve citizens’ health. Dr. Fàbregues has worked on the management level in hospital information systems such as that of the Vall d’Hebron and the Institut Català d’Oncologia. He is also a tutor and consultant on different master’s degree courses of the Health Area of the UOC and is currently a managing partner of Pragma Solucions.

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