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February 10th, 2016


Last issues

The European project ASSEHS releases the Appraisal Standard dashboard

In the last part of the project, ASSEHS has issued the Appraisal Standard Dashboard, a comprehensive instrument that allows the System to be navigated. In this article, we talk about the website with the results.

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Conclusions of the working session with the Heads of Information Systems of the SISCAT

The working session with the CIOs of the SISCAT (Integrated Public Health System of Catalonia) arranged by TicSalut was held on 18 January with the goal of moving towards the development of line 10.4 of the 2016-2020 Health Plan, together with the participants in the session. A total of 76 participants, divided into three groups, discussed aspects such as which milestones should be achieved by 2020 or what role should the Map of Tendencies have in the coming years.

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Assessment and improvements of the Flash TicSalut newsletter

TicSalut has drawn up a survey to obtain the level of satisfaction with the Flash TicSalut newsletter. The survey has 8 questions and can be answered in less than 5 minutes :)

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Interview with Mr. Javier Grueso, Director of Information Systems of the Consorci Sanitari Integral

The role of the Head of Information Systems (CIO) within health organisations is to manage and arrange a changing environment, with increasing demands and expectations and limited resources

Mr. Javier Grueso is Head of Information Systems at the Consorci Sanitari Integral, and coordinates a department with more than 30 professionals. He participated in the project of the opening of the Hospital de Sant Joan Despí Moisès Broggi, managing the infrastructures and IT applications. With a long career as a head in the area of IT projects and information systems, he also participated in the workshop organised by Fundació TicSalut with the Heads of Information Systems of the SISCAT, held on 18 January (see the first article of this month’s newsletter). Once the executive report has been published, we want to know his opinion about the meeting and the near future.

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Standards and Interoperability

A new international edition of SNOMED CT has been released

The IHTSDPO (International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation), the entity that owns, distributes and manages SNOMED CT, has released a new version of the international edition of the terminology.

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