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May 11, 2016


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Top 100 Influencers in Digital Health: TicSalut (33rd)

The London company Onalytica recently published a report analysing the most influential personalities and companies/institutions in the field of Digital Health on the Twitter social network. Fundació TicSalut, which leads line 10 of the Health Plan 2016-2020 referring to Digital Health, stands in 33rd place on the ranking.

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Present your Paper for the 6th R&D+I TIC Salut i Social Meetings 2016

25 June will be the deadline for presenting papers on research projects, prototype models and implemented innovative solutions giving an answer to "The Challenge of Health and Well-being in Digital Society". In order to take part in any of the planned categories, the form must be completed that you will find at www.JornadesRDI.cat

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Lessons learned from the Permanent Kaiser "Patient Portal" (USA)

To celebrate the 10 years of existence of the Permanent Kaiser Patient Portal, one of the leading health providers of United States, the Health Affairs blog, has collected the lessons learnt, and we present them in this article of the Flash.

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#SanidadSINruido, an initiative to reduce noise in health centres

By reason of the World Day without Noise, on Wednesday 27 April, the “Healthcare without Noise” campaign was held. The initiative was created by the male nurse from Valencia, Pedro Soriano, with the collaboration of the male nurse from Barcelona, Jordi Mitjà. According to the organisers, the aim of the initiative "is to explain the importance of controlling environmental noise in the health centres and to promote measures to favour patient well-being."

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Carlos Mateos: "Professionals, patients and developers have worked together for the first time, creating applications and programs aimed at improving healthcare"

On the weekend of 6 and 7 May, Madrid (Campus Google) hosted the 1st Health Hackathon, organised by ComSalud. The term hackathon combines the concept of marathon and hacker and is used to refer to a meeting of programmers with the aim of their developing software in collaboration. Although this is a concept which has long been around in the field of technology and programming, this was the first meeting organised for the different players (programmers, healthcare professionals, engineers...) to work on solutions focused on the field of health. Taking advantage of the presence of TicSalut as a member of the jury, we interviewed Carlos Mateos, director of ComSalud and coordinator of this initiative.

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