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December 30, 2016


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Health apps grow by 39% in 2016

One year more, the results of the mHealth App Developer Economics, this time of 2016, have been made public. The study by Research2guidance uses a survey to analyse the present and future situation and the new trends in mobile health.

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Meeting of the Map of Tendencies in ICT and Health and 10th TicSalut anniversary

From TicSalut, we invite you to the presentation of the Map of Tendencies in ICT and Health 2016, which will be held on Friday 16 December at the Parc Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresme (Mataró).

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PIDaaS Project: Pilot trial of biometric authentication applied to Health

Facilitating citizens’ access to health data is one of the key elements in providing universal and quality health services. TicSalut participates in the PIDaaS Project, which is intended to test biometric access (samples of voice and face) in three different areas: health, online shopping and access to citizens’ information.

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La Salle-URL works on research projects to improve quality of life and support in the diagnosis of diseases

La Salle-URL works on research projects in the health sector to improve people’s quality of life and support the diagnosis of diseases.

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"Patients, carers and healthcare professionals should be placed at the centre of healthcare innovation and policy reforms"

Michael Strübin is European Programme Director for the Personal Connected Health Alliance, a non-profit organisation that works collaboratively with health, technology and life sciences, public policy, research and advocacy groups to achieve personal connected health for all. PCHA, a division of HIMSS, hosts the annual Connected Health Conference (formerly the mHealth Summit) and publishes the Continua Design Guidelines, the international standard for interoperability of personal connected health devices and systems.

Michael leads PCHA’s outreach, communication and advocacy activities in Europe, and oversees the involvement in EU-funded projects. Before PCHA, Michael managed the European activities of the Continua Health Alliance and contributed to other associations in the health IT and social development field. Michael’s background is in strategic, programme and communications management. He studied liberal arts and political science at universities in Germany and the United States, and holds an M.A. degree in international relations from American University in Washington. He is based in Brussels, Belgium.

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Standards and Interoperability

TicSalut signs a participation agreement with PCHAlliance

PCHA is an association created from CHA, mHealth Summit and HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society), to join forces in achieving the interoperability of personal data in the health area. They work to produce sufficient critical mass around the use of the main international standards, by offering training and publishing the Continua Design Guidelines.

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