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September, 27th. 2017


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New arrivals in the Observatory of APPS and Mobility Projects

TicSalut’s “mHealth” observatory is the inventory of apps and mobility projects developed in the health and social sector.

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Sensorics for people, the central point of the 7th ICT Health and Social Meetings in Vic

The UVic, on 28 September, will be hosting the seventh edition of the ICT Health and Social R&D+i Meetings. This is a morning session in which the influence of sensorics on people and the public space will be discussed. The conference will feature a collection of institutional and business experiences that will show the different uses and functions that sensorics provides at home, in public spaces or the environment.

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Barcelona hosts a congress on the new patient-focused care model

The XPatient Barcelona Congress will present the latest initiatives on patient experience. According to the experts, the patient's experience is the third pillar that defines healthcare quality, together with safety and effectiveness.

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Call to the 7th Edition of the ESTEVE Awards

The aim of these awards is to recognise the best practices of healthcare professionals in the care and communication of patients. The web www.premiosesteve.com contains the bases for consultation and candidate projects may be sent until 30 October 2017.

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The mHealth Office publishes new functional guidelines

The mHealth.cat Office, with the intention of helping developers of mobile applications, has drawn up guidelines in infographic format on the functional criteria that an APP must have in health.

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Standards and Interoperability

Connected health and interoperability in the health systems

Health systems are and have been a topic of debate in society. The high cost of diagnosing and treating certain diseases is in conflict with the scarcity of resources and specialised personnel, and consequently the need to reform a health law that is more efficient and in accordance with the present needs and technology is evident.  

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  • Contributions to the new strategic plan 2018-2022 of the TIC Social Health Foundation

    The TIC Social Health Foundation this year ends the Strategic Plan that has been working since 2013, which is why internal work is already under way on the preparation of the next Plan for the coming 4 years. In order to be able to continue to meet the needs of the sector, we would like to know what contributions you would make to achieve a document that is as inclusive and participative as possible. All contributions should be made on the following form. Thank you.