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October, 2017


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New initiative: All of the web pages of interest to nurses brought together on a virtual desktop

Using the Symbaloo application, nurses can now access their virtual desktop from any computer, mobile phone or tablet with an Internet connection. Nothing has to be installed, it is only necessary to access the link to the nurse’s virtual desktop.

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Digital accessibility at the m4Social Day

m4Social is an initiative that promotes the social value of mobile phones for people and communities. This year, the m4Social Day 2017 is introduced as a day to deal with the state, the awareness and the future of digital accessibility. The meeting will be held at the Imagina Centre Audiovisual - Mediapro (Diagonal, 177, Barcelona), on 25 October.

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Fundació TIC Salut Social creates an Observatory of innovation services around digital medical imagery

Digital medical imagery is a transversal service that covers all areas of health, from prevention and healthcare to research, innovation and teaching and its correct and shared use gives greater security to patients and is an improvement for professionals, and through these for the whole of the health system. As a referent in innovation in the Catalan Health System, Fundació TIC Salut Social will develop a new specific work line to seek new initiatives based on Deep-learning, Machine-learning, E-learning and image analysis.

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Technology and its trends for society according to Accenture Research

Each year, Technology Vision joins the international consultancy Accenture Research to identify the emerging developments of information technologies that will have the greatest impact in the next five years. This year, an article has been released regarding the five trends that highlight the importance of technology for society. Instead of discussing how society adapts to technology, the focus of the article is based on how to shape technology to make it adapt to us.

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An eHealth strategy for Ireland

“eHealth can benefit citizens, patients, healthcare professionals, but also organisations and public authorities. When applied effectively, eHealth provides health focused on the citizen, which becomes better guided, more effective and efficient and helps to reduce errors and also the time spent in hospital. It facilitates socio-economic inclusion and equity, quality of life and patient empowerment through greater transparency, better access to services and to information and the use of the web 2.0 for health”. European Union eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020

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Interviewing Mr. August Mabilon, an organizational transformation based on data expert

“Social change is not produced with just investment in technology "

Mr. August Mabilón is a partner of SDG Group, the European company specialised in data analysis. An expert in data-based organisational transformation with great experience in the area of consultancy and electronic administration, interoperability and management of change in the public sector, he combines all of this activity with the academic world, teaching in universities at home and abroad. With this background, we interview him to analyse the digital and process transformation of the health and social sectors, the need to adapt to the new changes we are experiencing and to know where the coming years will take us.  

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Standards and Interoperability

The newsletter of the third four months of SNOMED International now published

This month, the newsletter of the third four months of SNOMED International (IHTSDO) has been published with the most outstanding novelties on the SNOMED CT semantic standard. 

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