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20th April 2018


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The First InDeeP Meeting takes place, an open debate on using and innovating with Digital Imaging in Health

On 21st March, the TIC Salut Social Foundation hosted the first InDeep Digital Imaging Meeting in Catalonia at the TecnoCampus in Mataró, which consisted of an open debate on using and innovating with digital imaging in health care. Its goal was to promote dialogue between players in the sector and generate knowledge in this field. Thirty-two people attended the meeting from a range of organisations and professional backgrounds. The activities conducted included an introduction to the topic, simultaneous debates on several aspects, and a closing talk to discuss the event’s conclusions.

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The TIC Salut Social Foundation publishes an article on controlled vocabulary in the nursing magazine 'Àgora'.

The TIC Salut SocialFoundation helped to write an article on the role of controlled vocabulary in the redesign of the health care process for nursing.

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The Althaia Foundation Explores Robotics in Health Care

On 27 March, twenty professionals from the Althaia Foundation attended a training workshop with a latest-generation android to explore opportunities for using robotics and new technologies in health care and health care education.

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A Project to Print Anatomical Models of Foetuses in 3D, an Outstanding Initiative of the 1st "Jo Innovo" (I Innovate) Conference

On 14 March, the 1st "Jo Innovo" (I Innovate) conference was held, co-organised by the Vall D’Hebron University Hospital and Roche Farma, which highlighted the innovative talent of professionals at the Vall d'Hebron Campus. The most outstanding project presented at the event was "3D Anatomical Models as an Educational Tool in Obstetric Ultrasound", designed by professionals from the Obstetric and Gynaecological Service at the Vall D’Hebron University Hospital. As a result of this project, which will be implemented in the hospital, it will be possible to print 3D anatomical models of foetuses, which will serve as an educational tool for professionals and doctors who implement this service.

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What is the Current Situation of mHealth in Catalonia? Results of the mHealth Section in the Trend Map.

Using mobility technologies in health care and social services has become an everyday occurrence for citizens, both for those who suffer a particular illness and for those who want to better their own health. The official markets (Google Play and Appstore) already have more than 325,000 health, well-being and wellness apps, according to a study by the consulting firm Research2Guidance (November 2017). As revealed by the recent Trend Map, most providers interviewed (80%) recognise the potential advantages of using mobility technology.

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We interview Carlos Grau, the director of Mobile World Capital Barcelona

"We are in the middle of a paradigmatic shift, which will accelerate the self-management of information and improve the doctor-patient rapport."

At the end of February, Barcelona hosted the 13th Mobile World Congress, the first with Carlos Grau at the helm of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation. We talked to him to find out what impact the explosion of new technologies such as 5G will have and what challenges health care and social services will face to accommodate these technologies.

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Standards and Interoperability

The TICSalut Foundation Publishes the 8th Version of the SNOWMED CT Catalan Extension

This version is available in RF2, the latest format of publications that use IHTSDO to publish SNOWMED CT clinical terminology.

The Standards and Interoperability Office (OFSTI) of the TICSalut Foundation has just published the 8th version of the SNOMED CT Catalan expansion. This version is available in RF2, the latest format of publications that uses IHTSDO to publish SNOWMED CT clinical terminology. 

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