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march 2014


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TicSalut presents a solution to authenticate identities on the access to the Personal Health Channel at the MWC

The Catalan health system will be the first to benefit from a pilot trial by Mobile Connect, a new initiative from GSMA, Orange and Morpho presented during this February’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The solution affords citizens secure access to digital services by using their mobile phone account to authenticate their identity. The Personal Health Channel, a project from the Health Department led by CatSalut and Fundació TicSalut, will be the real environment where the Mobile Connect authentication mechanisms are tested.

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80 million documents now published in the Shared Medical Record (HC3) in Catalonia

In February the HC3 exceeded the figure of 80,000,000 published documents, a milestone that shows the good evolution of this tool that provides important information on a patient’s state and progress throughout their healthcare process. With respect to 2012, in one year viewer accesses increased by 44% and the average number of documents published in the HC3 by 24%.

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Why is it important to agree on names and definitions for the new Connected Health services?

The European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance), in a work along with the British Wragge&Co law firm, has published a White Paper gathering the definitions made by the principal bodies and institutions in Europe and around the world. This document is intended as a reference source for all players involved, and also as a document to cause reflection.

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Chief Information Officer at CTTI (Government of Catalonia)

Mr. Jordi Escalé

The CTTI guarantees the direction, planning, management and control of the information systems and telecommunications services of the Government of Catalonia. Jordi Escalé has been its Chief Information Officer since 2011 and leads the deployment of the Catalan government’s new ICT model. The managing director of the CTTI has an MBA from ESADE, having graduated in business administration in the UPC and done a post graduate in IESE, and trained in Information Systems in the United States. Escalé has worked on transforming the Infojobs strategy, developing eCommerce and ADSL solutions in Telefònica and has also taken part in projects of the like of Terra.es and the Universal Forum of Cultures 2004, amongst other things. Since 1995, he has also taught in ESADE and in fact was one of the people behind the use of ICTs in teaching. 

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