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Flash TicSalut

november 2014


Last issues Portada #73

The Model for Non-face-to-face Healthcare (MANP) is now available as an e-book

The new edition turns the document which is intended to facilitate the relationships between professionals of the healthcare area and the citizens of Catalonia by means of ICTs into a useful and attractive tool for both patients and professionals. The objectives of the MANP are therefore made clear: to improve and facilitate access to the healthcare system, to promote efficiency and comfort and to modulate healthcare demand. 

The Non-Face-to-face Healthcare Model green-lighted in April last has been republished and redesigned in the form of an electronic book. This new edition exemplifies the essence of the MANP, as it increases the accessibility of the document in practical terms as well as in content. This is because, on the one hand, the document can be seen from any browser and can be downloaded in PDF format. Furthermore, the new presentation makes the information more understandable, dynamic and therefore useful.

The MANP was created in order to improve and complement, rather than replace, face-to-face consultations, and serves as a framework for projects developing and applying ICTs to the healthcare service. The principal means used in developing the model is the Personal Health Folder (PHF) which gives access to Cat@Salut My Health, a service which will be available to all citizens and healthcare professionals and which this month has moved into its pilot phase. This personal folder will allow users to consult all of the documentation associated with their Shared Medical Record of Catalonia (HC3) from any device at any time.

Another example of the application of the MANP is the mobile application 061 CatSalut Respon which allows users who have previously registered their personal data to transmit their information and geo positioning in order to receive a service of the utmost efficiency and quality. The app is free and available for iOS and Android, and has been approved by the Directorate General for Citizens Attention (DGAC) and Fundació TicSalut.The document also defines the work done in patients’ non-face-to-face healthcare, and lists the services currently offered in SISCAT centres:

  • Arrangement of appointments.
  • Qualitative monitoring of citizen satisfaction.
  • Management/reporting of public health alerts.
  • Incorporation of services into the professional agenda.
  • System administrative processes.
  • Health information and advice.
  • Request management.
  • Access to specialised healthcare.
  • 7x24 telephone and telematic attention service.
  • Proactive attention of patients.

All of these functions are carried out in order to create a healthcare system that is more accessible, more personalised and more sustainable, while keeping the patient at the centre. In this way it not only provides citizens with the possibility of resolving bureaucratic processes or clinical queries by telematic means, but also recognises their role in dealing with their own health and well-being. The MANP is therefore particularly beneficial for patients with one or more chronic diseases in need of continuous personalised care.