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Flash TicSalut

August 1st, 2016


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PIDaaS, the security service that uses your biometric data over the smart phone, present at the R&D+I Meetings

On the coming 29 and 30 September, PIDaaS will be taking part at the Health and Social ICT Meeting 2016 in Vic, where the progress of the service will be displayed, as well as the first results of the e-Health pilot trial which is now being started up. Do not miss the chance to come and discover the application!

The experts assure that the next challenge in biometrics, although it is technology already consolidated in security and border control environments, will be to try to improve the security of the present system.

Private Identity as a Service (PIDaaS) aims to create a secure authentication system using mobile devices, based on biometric recognition (voice and face). Users will therefore not have to remember passwords and their private data will be out of the reach of computer pirates. To do this, PIDaaS will create user encrypted biometric templates to avoid the domains to which these data are given misusing them and using them as an access key to other applications.

The PIDaaS service will be included in the cat@salut electronic registry process to facilitate the work of the professionals and to improve the efficiency of the health centres. The platform will allow people to interact online over computers or other mobile devices with the health Department, its agencies and suppliers (hospitals, health centres, etc.). The aim of this integration is to improve access to telemedicine, teleassistance and telemonitoring services, to increase the security of sensitive data and to foster health prevention and curing amongst users.

Fundació TicSalut has led the work package analysing the market and usage scenarios, and has coordinated one of the three pilot stages of the project: access to Cat@ Salut La Meva Salut via biometric identification. The project is currently in the stage of security and usability checking.