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Flash TicSalut

Flash TicSalut

August 1st, 2016


Last issues Portada #92

Standards and Interoperability

TicSalut participates in the DEMCAT strategic reflection meeting

On the past 18 June, the DEMCAT (Diccionari Enciclopèdic de Medicina) Meeting of strategic reflection was held in Barcelona with the participation of Fundació TicSalut through the Office of Standards and Interoperability. During the event, the history and evolution of the DEMCAT was explained and three discussion tables were started to provide ideas on how the Dictionary has to continue developing. The sessions focused on discussing the present and future model of the Dictionary, on how the sustainability of the project can be guaranteed and in what way it is necessary to establish relationships with other institutions and promote it.

The meeting also considered the use of SNOMED CT for coding terms of the DEMCAT and how the descriptions of the DEMCAT might feed SNOMED CT. The connection with SNOMED CT would allow additional services consultation services to be developed for the consultation of terms for SNOMED CT subunits and/or through the relationships of the concepts, for instance.

The initial presentation of the meeting can be consulted on the link below: Presentation of DEMCAT meeting of strategic reflection.