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Càtedra de TIC i Salut

The Fundació TicSalut has signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Vic (UVic) with a view to creating and developing the Càtedra de TIC i Salut (ICT and Health Chair). The Chair, which is headed by Francesc García Cuyàs, director of the Fundació TicSalut, is intended to generate, disseminate and transfer knowledge on the use of ICTs in the health and social sector, and will include teaching activities, applied research and innovation, knowledge transfer and scientific disclosure and dissemination.

The Càtedra de TIC i Salut will work on the identification of innovation and research projects, on defining the framework of professional skills in the area of ICTs and health and the rational use of telemedicine to make the remote healthcare model operative, amongst other projects, one of the first of which will be the use of mobility and particularly the application of APPs in the health and social sector.

An additional objective of the Chair is to collaborate with the health and social healthcare institutions in Catalonia to promote research projects and action policies and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of the healthcare, to make the social healthcare system more efficient and, at the same time, to establish a new relationship model between the citizens and their social healthcare system through the use of ICTs, in which they are protected at all times.

It will also become an instrument to foster collaboration between the different health providers and social services, the companies related to the area of health and technology, and the researchers at the UVic and Fundació TicSalut. At the same time, it will promote collaboration between researchers and internationally highly renowned professionals positioned in the international networks, and the researchers of the UVic and the staff of Fundació TicSalut, as well as other professionals from the health and social sector.

One of the main aims of the Chair will be to answer a need which is not currently covered, which is the training of the future medical graduates in information systems and ICTs, with the idea that they might have basic knowledge of these areas which are now coming into their working environment.

The Chair will have its institutional headquarters in the UVic, where it will be provided with the necessary space to be operative. On the basis of the Mixed Management and Workers Committee, which guarantees the monitoring of the Strategic Plan, a Technical Monitoring Commission, which will make the annual proposal of the Plan of Goals and Activities to be done, will draw up the annual budget and, to close each financial year, will prepare the Annual Report of the teaching and research activities carried out, and the Economic Report.

It will also be provided with the Scientific Board presided by the director of the Chair, which will be formed by between five and ten members in order to integrate expertise in the specialist areas of the Càtedra de la Fundació TicSalut, of the UVic, of the territorial environment (CHV, FORES, HSC, ICS, etc.) and of autonomic, national and international benchmarks in order to promote joint projects and initiatives. The Scientific Board will advise the director of the Chair concerning the relevant scientific aspects, and will have the function of suggesting the Chair’s lines of specialisation but will mainly act as a generator of opportunities for new projects to be developed in the Chair.

The signing of the agreement will be presided by the Health Minister, Boi Ruiz, and will be attended by the Dean of the UVic, Jordi Montaña, the Councillor of the City of Knowledge and patron of Balmes University Foundation, Josep Arimany, as well as the Vice Dean of Research and Knowledge, Marta Otero.