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mHealth - Mobile Phones for Public Health




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Washington, DC
17 novembre 2014
1 mes
Distance & Blended Learning


Mobile technologies and networks are increasingly expanding in their sophistication and capacity, and new applications are enhancing the ways in which individuals interact and engage in transactions- resulting in widespread systems disruption.  In global health, mobile technologies are beginning to show improvements in access to health services and information, quality of care, and efficiency, yielding time and cost savings in addressing maternal and child health, HIV and AIDS, malaria, TB, universal access to health care, and other health issues.  Increasingly, Ministries of Health, industry, NGOs, and various bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors and organizations are looking toward mobile phones as a critical element within their strategies for improving health outcomes and well-being.  Many have expressed great interest in becoming better informed consumers and implementers of mHealth.

To support this demand, TechChange and the mHealth Alliance are pleased to announce a four-week online certificate course on mHealth: Mobile Phones for Public Health. The two organizations have partnered to provide the course based on the pervasive interest in the topic of mobile health (mHealth) as well as the need to develop more skills and exchange of best practices among practitioners in the sector


The Mobile Phones for Public Health course will examine how mobile technologies are revolutionizing approaches to patient care and management, point-of-care support for health workers, health education, diagnostics, and supply chain management and logistics. Through case studies, guest expert interviews, multimedia tutorials, interactive exercises, and live demonstrations of tools, participants will explore delivery mechanisms, such as interactive voice recognition (IVR),  SMS (text message) communication programs, smartphone applications, and health information systems for data collection and management. The course aims to present a broad range of perspectives on mHealth, including those from to governments, private sector, academia, NGOs, and bilateral and multi-lateral organizations and donors from Africa, Asia, and Latin America.