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Masters of Science in Medical Informatics (MSMI)

Medical College of Wisconsin



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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Our joint master’s in medical informatics program combines the strength of the Medical College of Wisconsin, a leading provider of medical education and research, and the expertise of MSOE in the disciplines of business and information technology. Faculty members have extensive industry experience, and most have a Ph.D.

It is not the goal of the MSMI program to comprehensively cross train individuals from one medical informatics domain for another. We will not make doctors or nurses into network engineers, database designers or finance or management experts. Rather, our intent is to give our graduates the knowledge and skills to identify, recruit and work with expert resources needed for the successful project. Additionally, with six credits of electives and a six-credit internship/research project, you will have the opportunity to gain additional expertise according to your individual academic and career goals


Program Educational Objectives

Desired objectives for medical informatics graduates, five years post graduation, include significant competency in: Applying complex medical informatics solutions and analyzing outcomes. Meeting the professional requirements for highly responsible positions. Identifying revenue, cost savings or efficiency improvements which add value to their organizations. Influencing decision-making in the application of informatics solutions. Facilitating, leading and/or sponsoring multi-disciplinary teams. Engaging in substantial life-long learning activities.