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Master of Science in Health Informatics

University of San Francisco



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San Francisco, CA
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As information technology continues to transform healthcare, there is a need for specialists in the innovative field of health informatics. A rigorous technical program that prepares graduates to become innovators and leaders in the global digital health revolution


Gain Real World Experience

A strong entrepreneurial focus runs through the entire program. Opportunities to engage with:

  • Silicon Valley digital health companies
  • Biotech startups
  • Global health organizations
  • Advanced technology centers in large medical systems

All students, regardless of background, will learn computer programming skills, which will be utilized and developed further throughout the curriculum.

Program Tracks

  • $2,500 Scholarships & Research Assistantship Grants for MSHI students.Contact us for more information. Health Data Analytics
  • Global Health Informatics
  • Behavioral and Mental Health Informatics