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Professionals and Citizens Advisory Council

Created in 2010, the Professionals and Citizens Advisory Council is an advisory body whose purpose is to assist in setting priorities and actions to aid the best strategies to ensure that ICT helps to make today’s health care system more equitable and sustainable.

Currently it comprises members from the following institutions and/or sectors:

  • Agency for Information and Quality Assessment in Health Care (AIAQS)
  • Nursing homes
  • Nurses’ Association of Barcelona
  • Doctors’ Association of Barcelona
  • Social Workers’ Association of Catalonia
  • Ministry of Health
  • TicSalut Foundation
  • Hospitals in the public use network
  • Catalan Institute of Health
  • Health Studies Institute
  • CIS Forum
  • Institute on Ageing

Chief among the topics discussed at the last meeting (21 September 2011) are the following items:

  • It is necessary to invest in the promotion and prevention of chronic diseases, given that 75% of health care spending goes to these pathologies. It is necessary to make a technological commitment to facilitating the relationship between primary care centres and hospitals and enhancing the role of the expert patient who can look after his/her own health.

  • It is necessary to be aware of private initiatives in ICT and health and, in particular, the so-called social entrepreneurs, because they can be very useful to the health system. It is also necessary to keep in mind the collaboration between the public sector and the private sector to carry out certain innovative initiatives.

  • It is necessary to use the new 2.0 tools in the health sector. Nevertheless, the use of social networks, which have proved so useful for working on issues such as mental health, entails a specific debate on the possible ethical risks and the need for health professionals to find their place in this change of system.
  • We need to improve the professional-patient interaction in the administrative field. It would be useful to be able to consult their personal folder, their next visit to the doctor, waiting lists, etc. It has even been suggested that in some cases the family should be able to access the personal medical file of the patient.