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Business Advisory Council

What is the Business Advisory Council?

Formed in late 2007, it is the advisory body on the involvement of companies collaborating with the TicSalut Foundation. Member bodies collaborate with the Foundation on the promotion of information and communication technology (ICT) in the health field.

It comprises representatives of the leading companies in the ICT and health sectors, which voluntarily collaborate with the objectives of the Foundation, in accordance with the criteria established by the Board of Trustees and internal regulations. For more information: info(ELIMINAR)@ticsalut.cat

Who makes up the CAE?

This Council is made up of a growing number of companies from the ICT and health sectors, in accordance with the criteria established by the Board of Trustees and the regulations (PDF) governing its operation.

Members can be companies and public and private institutions related to the ICT and health sectors, research centres, science and technology parks and local authorities.

The Council has the following functions:

  • To discuss, advise and make proposals for action to the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee on matters related to the object and purpose of the TicSalut Foundation of promoting the development and use of ICT and networking in the health sector.
  • To plan actions to strengthen relations between the different actors in the health system to facilitate the achievement of improvements and greater efficiency.
  • To plan actions to project the TicSalut Foundation as a hub for interaction and innovation in the application of ICT in the health sector, both in Europe and internationally.
  • To collaborate with the Board of Trustees, the Executive Committee and the Director in promoting the TicSalut Foundation in order to encourage local and international financial investment, as well as attracting skilled human resources.
  • To choose representatives for the Coordination Group of the Advisory Board Company and, from among them, to designate those who will sit on the Standing Committee.
  • Any other purpose that contributes to achieving the aims of the Foundation.