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The Office of Standards and Interoperability of TicSalut makes the iSalut accreditation service available to you.

This service is aimed at providers of information technology in the health sector and aims to advise and accompany you in the process of accreditation of your products so they can fit the requirements and interoperability required to integrate these systems within the Catalan health centres and with elements such as iSalut.lut.

This accreditation acts as a stamp of quality, ensuring that all the requirements of interoperability and performance standards have been met while simplifying the justification of achievement of performance requirements in procurement and supply tender processes by centres in the Catalan health system.

The iSalut accreditation service allows the development of tools and products that capitalise on the main advances in establishing criteria for interoperability and the deployment of strategic projects based on the criteria established in the health sector in Catalonia.

For further information about how approve your devices or systems, please contact homologacio(ELIMINAR)@ticsalut.cat.

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Legal disclaimer:

The Office of Standards and Interoperability hereby informs its potential customers as to the limits of the certification:

  • The accreditation criteria represent only the general criteria and basic skills in some cases established for the use of the system, device or service in one clinical speciality, and may be inadequate, inappropriate or excessive for other specialities.
  • The accreditation criteria do not evaluate the usefulness of the system, device or service.
  • Other information, as appropriate.