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G.O.T.A v 8.1. by IZASA DISTRIBUCIONES TÉCNICAS have obtained the OFSTI Approval Certificate.

The oral anticoagulant treatment services with CPS called G.O.T.A. obtained the Approval Certificate by Office of Standard and Interoperability. The process took place the last 5th of august and became satisfactory.

The service has been added at the Systems, devices and services approved by the OFSTI of The TicSalut Foundation.

Obtain the approval certificate of Office of Standards and Interoperability guarantees the approved system, device or service obeys the interoperability requirements and it makes use of standards. Moreover, this kind of certificate provides the quality seal to all your approved products and recognised by TicSalut Foundation.

For further information about the Oral Anticoagulant Treatment services with CPS have a look the following link.