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Publishing of Interoperability Requirements and Criteria in Accordance for the domain approval of Systems of Mental Health Information

Last October it was released a new domain approval called System of Mental Health Information which is going to allow health providers to approve their systems of mental health information.

On Functional Requirements are indicated the functionalities that these systems have to lay out. On Interoperability Requirements are considered the criteria that Systems of Mental Health Information have to assure to be interoperable with other systems. And finally, on Criteria in Accordance are specified the criteria that every system has to accomplish to ensure the approval process successfully.

Obtain the approval certificate of Office of Standards and Interoperability guarantees the approved system, device or service obeys the interoperability requirements and it makes use of standards. Moreover, this kind of certificate provides the quality seal to all your approved products and recognised by TicSalut Foundation.

Regarding this domain, you could find the whole reference information to approve this kind of systems in next documents: