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Fundació TicSalut’s participation in the SNOMED CT EXPO 2015 in Uruguay

The Fundació TicSalut presented the Clinical Dictionary for iHealth, which is intended to standardise the controlled vocabulary of the SISCAT

The SNOMED CT EXPO 2015 presented several experiences of SNOMED CT storage in non-relational databases both aimed at documents and in a graph structure, highlighting the advantages in operation and performance they imply. Initiatives were also shown of automatic mapping between SNOMED CT and the CIM-10-MC, and another of automatic translation of the descriptions of the standard. In one of the sessions, the advances were presented of the mapping between SNOMED CT and Orphanet (controlled vocabulary to code and represent minority diseases), indicating that it is expected to come out in mid-2016. Three sessions were also given in which the Uruguayan extension of SNOMED CT was presented and a more detailed study was made of the sub-units, containing that of the images services and document types. One of the last talks presented the model of governance of clinical terminology deployed in the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León and there were several talks on the operation and analysis of coded data in SNOMED CT.

In the training sessions an introduction was made to SNOMED CT, the roadmap to be followed in its adoption was presented and further study was made of aspects such as the analysis of coded data or the publishing policies followed in developing the content of the standard.