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Corrections in XML templates of "Cites" and "Consulta Dades" messages. (WiFIS Project)

We inform that some corrections have been made in some of the XML templates of messages domains "Cites" and "Consulta Dades". 

These corrections are based on replacing the name of their relevant messages where the message structure is based. 

For example, the "Cita Notificació Realització (SIU^Z77)" is based on the message structure SIU_S12, therefore;

<SIU_S12 xmlns="urn:hl7-org:v2xml">












There have been corrected the following messages:

Cites Domain

Cita Notificacio No Presentació (SIU^S26^SIU_S12)

Cita Notificacio Realització (SIU^Z77^SIU_S12)

Cita Notificacio Reprogramació (SIU^S13^SIU_S12)

Consulta Dades Domain

Consulta Cerca Pacient (RQI^I03^RQI_I01)

Consulta Estat Ordre (QBP^Z01^QBP_Q11)

In the following link you could download these messages and their respective schemes.