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The use of ICT in the health system provides more operational flexibility, availability and dissemination of information. In addition, the computerisation of data facilitates the implementation of tools for analysing and evaluating management processes.

Moreover, the globalisation of health processes that promotes the use of data for the same patient being generated or used in different hospitals or laboratories in the health system requires the standardisation of data and, in addition, means that the standardisation of processes is also highly advisable.

Standards ensure the reusability of data in different systems, and the standardisation of processes means more efficient collaboration between organisations and the sharing of resources.

The conviction of the necessity and benefits of interoperability (the ability to easily integrate information between systems) has also led to an interest in knowing how to identify and quantify these benefits.

Finally, if we achieve all the possible benefits from tools that improve interoperability, it will be necessary to carry out a review of the processes relating to the use of these tools and modify them. This is what is known as re-engineering.

In this area on processes it is possible to find resources related to re-engineering, and the identification and quantification of benefits associated with interoperability: books, articles, experiences, tools, courses and conferences, among others.


Promoting of the Remote Healthcare Model in Catalan Healthcare System 2013-2016 approved by Government

The last 4th of March the Government of Catalonia approved of the implementation of Remote Healthcare Model to enhance the relationship between citizens and professionals in healthcare scope.

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