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This domain includes the allergies as disorders (such as allergy to pollen), some manifestations (such as allergic rhinitis due to pollen) and allergic alerts (at the moment the disorders and the main manifestations, most of them are anaphylaxis). This domain has been worked and structured in 9 subsets of SNOMED CT that allow to differentiate the type of its causative agent(drugs, food or other type):

(1) Allergic alerts 2018 members.

(2) Disorders 1989 concepts:
(3) Due to drugs 1514 concepts.
     Not due to drugs:
(4) Due to food 186 members.
(5) Not due to food 287 concepts.

(6) Manifestations 108 concepts:
(7) Due to drugs 10 concepts.
     Not due to drugs:
(8) Due to food 28 concepts.
(9) Not due to food 68 members.

The documentation of the subsets, as well as their members, can be found in the SNOMED CT downloads area of the OFSTI webpage.