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Attributes of procedures

This domain contains the attributes of procedures that have been worked with SNOMED CT concepts. The domain has been divided into 4 SNOMED CT subsets:

(1)    Subset of laterality (4 concepts)

(2)    Subset of positions-projections of functional radiology (30 concepts)

(3)    Subset of anatomic locations (107 concepts)

(4)    Subset of radiological contrast (2 concepts)

It has been approved by a committee of experts in the field. The axis of SNOMED CT selected to represent the attributes of procedures is the one that contains qualifying concepts and body structure concepts. The subsets that have been created contain the necessary attributes to represent all the information related with radiology attributes, so that it is possible to establish a mapping between the catalogs of the different centers and the one from SERAM 2016.

The documentation of the subset, as well as their members, can be found in the SNOMED CT downloads area of the OFSTI website.