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This domain includes the concepts required to represent the fields in a structured report of spirometry. To choose the members of the subset the document "Implementation Guide for CDA R2 spirometry" has been reviewed, selecting codes of SNOMED CT and assigning new ones for the local concepts. With this, we have obtained a SNOMED CT concept coded for each field in the report. The report of spirometry has different types of information, we decided to create a subset for each subdomain and one with it all:

(1) Subset of spirometry report: 51 items.
(2) Subset of patient data: 5 concepts.
(3) Subset of document and sections of spirometry test report: 9 concepts.
(4) Subset of environmental parameters: 3 concepts.
(5) Subset of spirometry parameters: 34 concepts.

The documentation of the subsets, as well as their members, can be found in the SNOMED CT downloads area of the OFSTI webpage.