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The Clinical Dictionary for iSalut is a transversal proyect that has the objective to standardize the vocabulary of SISCAT (Integrated Healthcare System of Public Healthcare Network of Catalonia) to achieve the semantic interoperability between information systems of healthcare providers at different care levels. This interoperability guarantees the data exchange without losing its meaning and allows its representation and automatic and unambiguous interpretation. The final aim is to support the decision-making in the care process.

The basis of the dictionary is the clinical terminology SNOMED CT (Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms). This standard acts as an ontology, offering an homogeneous base to represent the knowledge. The dictionary contains also other controlled vocabularies which are nowadays used in the SISCAT, both international and local (such as ICD-9-CM, ICD-10, ISCO/CNO, LOINC, etc.), but most of them are mapped to SNOMED CT to ensure semantic interoperability of contents. The dictionary is conformed by different domains that are worked as subsets of SNOMED CT, following the methodology of creating subsets of SNOMED CT defined by CCI and OFSTI (Office of Standards and Interoperability) of TicSalut.

The Clinical Dictionary for iSalut is managed by a permanent commission that marks the lines of action to follow and the priorities. Each domain is worked by a multidisciplinary team of experts of the Catalan Health System. Thus, the dictionary includes the participation of health care professionals from different centres, programs and institutions. The list of contributors can be found in the domains documentation.