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This domain contains the concepts needed to identify ophthalmologic scans with disorders, locations and some associated procedures. It has also been completed the neurological examination area of cranial nerves. The following 10 subsets are been created:

  • (1) Ophthalmology: Subset with all concepts that are other subsets and corresponding to the visual examination with the locations, and some disorders associated procedures. It contains 170 concepts.
    • (2) Ophthalmology functional examination manifestation: Manifestations found in functional ophthalmological exploration. It contains 5 concepts.
    • (3) Ophthalmic manifestations anatomical exploration: Manifestations found in the anatomical exploration of ophthalmology. It contains 82 concepts.
    • (4) Grouper: Grouper ophthalmology. It contains 8 concepts.
    • (5) Qualifiers: Qualifiers relating to ophthalmology. It contains 7 concepts. 
    • (6) Anatomic position ophthalmology: Locations of Ophthalmic. It contains 7 concepts.
    • (7) Neurology: subset with neurological examinations by cranial nerves, including locations (cranial) and some associated procedures. It contains 41 concepts of the following subsets:
      • (8) Anatomic position of neurology: subset with cranial nerves. It contains 12 concepts.
      • (9) Neurological examination procedures: Procedures to perform the neurological examination. It contains 13 concepts.
      • (10) Neurological manifestations: Manifestations found in neurological examination. It contains 41 concepts. 

The documentation of the subsets, as well as their members, can be found in the SNOMED CT downloads area of the OFSTI webpage.