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Published the IHTSDO Newsletter of November 2014

International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation

The IHTSDO (International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization) is an international not-for-profit organization based in Denmark. IHTSDO owns and administers the rights to SNOMED CT and related terminology standards. They have published the Newsletter of November 2014.

IHTSDO's Award of Excellence this year was given to another outstanding nurse: Judith J. Warren for being an advocate for the patient, a role model for informaticians, and a diligent promoter of IHTSDO and SNOMED CT for use in creating policy and tools to implement the highest quality and safest patient care for the lowest cost.

IHTSDO has released of a new study to help current and prospective Members of IHTSDO build the business case for national SNOMED CT adoption and IHTSDO membership.

Finally, IHTSDO presents some new members in their comissions. You can find their names in this newsletter.