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The IHTSDO approves of failing to sustain the mapping between ICD-9-CM and SNOMED CT and RF1 format

On Wednesday 28th, October 2015, the IHTSDO General Assembly voted and accepted of failing to sustain the mapping between ICD-9-CM and SNOMED CT and RF1 format.

The reason of the IHTSDO to replace the format RF1 RF2 were, basically, the low level of usability by the users of the old format and design flaws presented. IHTSDO believes that the new product line (RF2) will be much more agile, precise, efficient and safe.

As agreed, the RF1 format will be permanently replaced by the RF2 format, and the conversion process will occur according to the following dates:

  • January 2016: The conversion tool between RF1 RF2 format will be available to the public on the website of IHTSDO's Confluence.
  • July 2016: Final distribution for IHTSDO RF1.
  • January 2017: Users who use the RF1 obtained through conversion RF2.

The IHTSDO discontinued in July 2016 mapping between ICD-9-CM and SNOMED CT, because the launch of the CIM-10 had caused the ICD-9-CM remains unused. The latest update of the ICD-9 occurred in October 2011, and today has become obsolete. In that way, the IHTSDO announced that the mapping between ICD-9-CM and SNOMED CT will remain available until the final transition does not occur to the CIM-10-CM or SNOMED CT.

For more information, IHTSDO facilitates to all users its e-mail contact for any doubts or problems that may arise: info@ihtsdo.org.