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Problems in the field of social care

In the framework of the Intersocial project a standard controlled vocabulary has been defined to represent the problems in the social care field, using the terminology SNOMED CT. The resulting list has been organized into a subset of SNOMED CT containing 131 concepts of the following categories:

  • Environment problem: 11 concepts.
  • Housing problem: 17 concepts.
  • Financial problem: 6 concepts.
  • Educational problem: 7 concepts.
  • Legal problem: 9 concepts.
  • Work problem: 11 concepts.
  • Family problems: 18 concepts.
  • Problems in relationships: 21 concepts.
  • Emotional well-being problems: 11 concepts.
  • Health problems: 20 concepts.

See the subheading explanatory document: Problematic sub-set in the field of social care of SNOMED CT 02-12-2016.

The definite subset can be obtained in the download area of SNOMED CT.