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CloudInnTicSalut is a virtual platform that opens doors to exporting technological solutions in ICT and Health generated in our region. The Fundació TicSalut makes this new cloud internationalisation tool available to its organisations and related companies so that they can connect with technology partners, share knowledge and resources and display their offers and demands for innovative technology in business.

Your open innovation market. It publishes technological offers and demands locally and globally.

CloudInnTicSalut works thanks to Innoget, an open virtual marketplace or meeting point with more than 19,000 registered users around the world. Based on permanent dialogue between TicSalut and Innoget concerning the needs and opportunities detected in the sector, the company Innoget has conceptualised and started up Innoget Cloud, as "Software as a Service", and does so as a line of development from its original Innoget platform. TicSalut has personalised this cloud platform for the sector under the name of CloudInnTicSalut.

What does CloudInnTicSalut offer?

  • It makes it easier for TicSalut members to find solutions to their technological demands.
  • It promotes the commercialisation of innovation in ICT and Health in a global market.
  • It establishes a permanent flow between demand and offer on the local and global levels.
  • It enables one to focus on one’s own business: new opportunities are generated and reported for the whole sector, as Innoget deals with constantly maintaining and updating the platform.
How to take part: CloudInnTicSalut is an open innovation platform made available to professionals, businesses and institutions related to the Fundació TicSalut. To take part, it is only necessary to register at CloudInnTicSalut