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eHealth is the use of information and communication technologies in the health sector for the purpose of administration, education and care locally and from a distance.

We encourage projects and offer advice in their development

eHealth services are a key element in attending citizens and one of the pillars on which the care model is being transformed. The application of ICTs in health must contribute to answering the strategic lines defined in the Catalonia Health Plan (2011-2015), and to help to transform care in attendance into care from a distance, something which is particularly important in dealing with chronic disease and in integrating the care levels by providing on-going care and high specialisation.

The new forms of results-based contracting may give a new incentive to incorporating these services, which must be aligned with the strategy of the SITIC Plan 2012-2015 More specifically, eHealth services must be in line with the evolution and transformation of the Catalonia Shared Clinical Record (HC3) and the Personal Health Folder (CPS) aimed as a network of information and services for people (professionals and citizens) to facilitate integration between all health providers, where both professionals and citizens are the players and can interact through a multichannel network (by internet, telephone, ...).

The Fundació TicSalut supports eHealth projects by making proposals of action and following up on the projects of interest to the Catalan Health Department in this area. At the same time, it checks the state of their implementation and assesses the present infrastructure needs in the medium term. Similarly, as an observatory it performs an annual survey to know the extent of the implementation of ICTs in health in the Catalan health-care centres and develops an inventory of projects that are innovative in ICT and Health which is called Experiences in ICT and health.

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