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Health 2.0

We promote health 2.0 to improve communication between healthcare levels and patients.

Internet and the social networks are a good place to answer queries and share knowledge. 2.0 tools are useful for health professionals as they contribute to the interrelationship between professionals, enhance better communication between healthcare levels, provide on-going training and allow the best healthcare activity practices to be applied. This is the reason for the strong appearance of a new area in eHealth: the so-called Health 2.0.

The Health 2.0 projects currently being implemented in Catalonia can be grouped into four large areas:

  1. Presence in the social networks and other general 2.0 channels: Facebook, Twitter with interconnection to other channels such as blogs, document repositories and presentations (Slideshare), images (Flickr) and videos (Youtube). The aim is to use them as additional channels of information and communication with the users, to contribute to spreading the promotion of health and healthy habits, and to 'prescribe' web sites with reliable health information.
  2. Virtual professional-professional communities: communication tools between healthcare levels and the creation of virtual communities to share information and knowledge.
  3. Virtual patient-professional communities: a user-family doctor and parents / mothers-paediatrics online consultation service.
  4. Virtual patient-patient communities: communities of chronic sufferers bringing in expert patients and healthcare professionals acting as moderators to encourage the sharing of information and knowledge, online support between partners to thereby contribute to empowerment, self-management and self healing for people with these kinds of illnesses.

A separate section is given to applications on mobile devices, which have begun to be considered key vehicles in citizens’ health management. The main reasons are the spectacular growth of the use of smartphones amongst the population, and also the personalisation of the services they offer through online data-sharing with the professionals.

More information

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