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Alliances, networks and agreements

In accordance with the will of the Department of Health to encourage participation in national and international collaboration projects while increasing the recognition of the actions it carries out, the Fundació TicSalut has set up strategic relationships with the following organisations and territories.


World Health Organisation (WHO)
The World Health Organisation is a United Nations body that specialises in managing policies of prevention, promotion and intervention in health throughout the world.

Canada Health Infoway
A non profit-making organisation that works with providers of health and technological solutions to accelerate the implementation of electronic medical records in the provinces and territories of Canada.

European Commission
The executive branch of the European Union. The body responsible for proposing legislation, for applying decisions, defending the treaties of the Union and generally dealing with the Union’s daily work.

The North American non profit-making organisation that deals with the promotion and better understanding of the health information management systems.

The e-Health Scientific Society
An association based in Dubai that gathers national and international organisations of electronic health and professionals in order to promote the concept of eHealth from a global and integrated standpoint.

European MHealth Alliance
The European MHealth Alliance is an initiative designed to give support and to promote greater incorporation of health and well-being (including sport and fitness) in products, services, applications and innovation throughout Europe. EuMHA is a non profit-making organisation that will focus on the economic development of the mHealth sector.


European Health Telematics Association  (EHTEL)
The European organisation that intervenes as the forum of communication for different institutions and groups, providing leadership and networking to organisations, institutions and players who, on the individual level, are involved in improving health services by means of eHealth.

Sociedad Española de Informática de la Salud (SEIS - Spanish Health ICT Society)
A scientific non profit-making association formed by technical or health professionals with an interest in improving and promoting the use of Information and Communication Technologies in the health environment.

Continua Health Alliance
An organisation formed by leaders of the industry of technology, medical devices and healthcare that works to implement telehealth in strategic regions.