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Regional Telemedicine Forum is a collaboration of 9 European regions which aims to deliver Good Practices Guidelines and policy recommendations addressing the key challenges that hinder the wider use of telemedicine.

This project establishes a Regional Telemedicine Forum to deliver innovation at regional level. Despite the benefits and technical maturity of the applications, the use of telemedicine services – the provision of healthcare services at a distance – is still limited in Europe. It is evident that actions have to be taken at regional level by developing policy recommendations addressing the main barriers that hinder the wider use of telemedicine. This contributes to ensuring that regional policies respond better to today’s economic and social challenges.

Start date: 01/01/2010 - End date: 31/12/2012

1.977.831 €InterReg IVCRegion of Southern Denmark


The project results in policy recommendations, developed on the basis of identification and analysis of barriers and facilitators at clinical, strategy, and market levels. This contributes to releasing the potential of wider implementation and deployment of telemedicine services at the regional level, and hereby to innovation within patient care and healthcare system efficiency as well as market development for regional SMEs.


Region of Southern Denmark

Veneto Region

Ministry of Health of the Catalan Government, TicSalut Foundation

Northern Norway Regional Health Authority

Estonian eHealth Foundation

Regional Council of Auvergne

Scottish Centre for Telehealth

County Council of Nordbotten

Malopolska Region

University Hospital of North Norway

Local Health Trust N°9 Treviso

National Health Service 24