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Momentum is a platform where key players in telemedicine share their knowledge and experience in deploying telemedicine services into routine care.

Momentum is a platform where key players in telemedicine share their knowledge and experience in deploying telemedicine services into routine care.

Momentum is an open network and will be expanded from its initial partnership to a broader forum, bringing together health authorities, professional international and national stakeholder groups, and networks of professionals and patients.

The Momentum Thematic Network is a platform across which the key players share their knowledge and experience in deploying telemedicine services into routine care so as to build a body of good practice. They are working together to define a Blueprint that validates a consolidated set of methods supporting the telemedicine service implementation process. The consortium conceives of a Blueprint as a holistic European reference framework for telemedicine deployment.

Momentum’s outcome will be a vibrant and sustainable network of telemedicine stakeholders. Their responsibilities are to develop and maintain a European Telemedicine Deployment Blueprint.

Start date: 1/02/2012 - End date: 31/08/2014

497.500€ICT- PSPETHEL- Marc Lange


Momentum’s ultimate goal is turn telemedicine into a sustainable mechanism. A permanent forum is needed to address emerging challenges in the spread of telemedicine, and ensure that any underpinning framework becomes the foundation of a telemedicine quality management system.

The Momentum thematic network will run from February 2012 to July 2014. It is partially funded by the European Commission under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).”


September 2012 Momentum launched an online questionnaire to gather information about the deployment of telemedicine services.  Any temedicine supplier isinvited to participate. Momentum seeks to gather information and experiences from telemedicine services in daily operation, defined as a service that

  • is part of the regular provision of care or treatment to a significant number of patients/citizens, and
  • is funded or reimbursed as part of the normal funding or reimbursement procedures.

Momentum also is interested in a terminated service, in other words a failed attempt to deploy a telemedicine service in daily operation.

The questionnaire is structured in two parts:

1) The introductory part, questions 1-3, that is only to be completed once for each respondent regardless of the number of services included in the questionnaire.

2) The main part, questions 4-39, consisting of four sections (Strategy and management; Organisational implementation and change management; Legal, regulatory and security issues; and Technical infrastructure and market relations), each with a number of sub-topics.

The questionnaire is a mix of open and closed questions in order to balance control of content and allowing for individual views, assessments etc.

If all this applies to you and you would like to participate (or indeed to join the Momentum network) please write to questionnaire(ELIMINAR)@telemedicine-momentum.eu


The Momentum consortium is composed of organisations spanning the range of all stakeholders. Among them are health authorities, eHealth competence centres, national stakeholder groups and organisations representing physicians, managers, community pharmacists, patients, industry, health insurers and payers.

  1. European Health Telematic  Association
  2. Continua Health Alliance
  3. Region of Southern Denmark
  4. Scottisch Center for  Telehealth and Telecare
  5. Estonian Telehealth Foundation
  6. Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine
  7. Fundació TICSALUT
  8. CATEL:Club of Actors of Telemedicine
  9. Comité Permanent des Medicines Europeens
  10. County Council Noorbotten
  11. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gesundheitstelematik
  12. eTikala
  13. European Health Mnagement Association
  14. European Hospital and Healthcare Federation
  15. European Union of Medical Specialists
  16. Neederlands Vereenegin voor eHealth
  17. Polish Telemedicine Society
  18. Scheizerische Gesellschaft für Telemedicine und Health
  19. Telecare service Association
  20. ZTG Gmbh Zentrum für Telematik und Gesundheitswessen