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Dr Security (Your personal security service)

Dr. Security is a system, which works with an app, which has been developed with one thing in mind: to care for your and your loved ones' safety. The app provides you with an emergency assistance service (Help Me) and two other tools for day-to-day use to follow a group of people (Groups) and to locate and control devices (Smart Control).

The services available in the app entail:

Help Me: offering 6 different ways of activating an alarm, therefore instantly providing our experts in emergency assistance your location and personal information (including pathologies, allergies, chronic diseases…) thus enabling an efficient management of the emergency you are confronted with. The service will furthermore allow you to plot the shortest route to the closest security or health services if need be. The app can pair up with heartbeat monitoring belts and external Bluetooth buttons or triggers among other features.

Groups: the user who sets up the group within the app can define a boundary, thereby knowing at all times each group member’s situation, location or if they need help. (useful to keep an eye on people who suffer Alzheimer, autism, or while out and about with a group pf people).

Smart Control: is a tool designed to locate a person with a phone, aswell as offering features which allow the user to control a smartphone and obtain information (image and sound recordings) regarding its surroundings remotely. These features are also useful to recover a phone which has been lost or stolen. (useful to keep an eye on patients and for parental control purposes).

useful to recover a phone which has been lost or stolen. (useful to keep an eye on patients and for parental control purposes)"

Operating System

  • iOS iOS (Ipad, Iphone)
  • Android Android (Smartphone, Tablet)


German, English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Polish, Portuguese


Freenium Conexión mínima necesaria para enviar una alarma (Help Me): GSM; para totes les altres funcionalitats, conexión mínima necesaria 2G. Les eines Groups i SmartControl són GRATUÏTES, el servei d'assitència és de pagament (HELP-ME)



Dr Security  (El teu servei de seguretat personal)

All pathologies
Citizen, Doctor, Patient
Areas of interest
All areas of interest
Approved/Certified/Recommended by

1. Dr. Security hold coordination protocols with the state-run emergency centres and services, which generates important efficiencies in the management of emergencies.
2. (Prevention and integral security college) Univesidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

1.-  Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance certification ISO 22320 en Gestión de emergencias.
2.- MDT Medical (Centro de telemedicina).
3.- CIEU - UAB (Award 2016 to create more entrepreneurial person Dr. Security).

1.- ADISPO (Asociación de directores de seguridad)
2.- Unidad Central de Seguridad Privada del Cuerpo Nacioal de Policía.
3.- Mutua UECA (Unión Española de Conductores de Automóviles)

1.- Asociación ALMA contra la Violencia de Género .
2.- Fundació Altarriba

App made in
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Internet connectivity