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APPs and mobility projects

One of Fundació TicSalut’s key objectives for 2014 is to design the Master Plan of Health and Social Mobility, always in line with the strategy of the Catalonia Health Plan 2011-2015 and on commission from the Catalan Department of Health and the Department of Social Welfare and Family. The idea is to work closely with the Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWC) Foundation to define the strategic plans of Health along with those of the Department of Welfare with respect to mobility and at the same time to make the projects defined in this area operative.

The Foundation is therefore commissioned to bring together all projects of mobility and apps developed in the health and also in the social sector. In this section you will find the geolocated apps and mobility projects and you can search them by medical specialities, countries, areas of action, etc.

We gather all the apps and mobility projects developed in the social healthcare sector

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  • GenHem

    Practical handbook of hematologic genetics in app format. 39 chapters that includes practical description of the techniques used in laboratories cytogenetic and molecular biology, and major cytogenetic abnormalities of various hematological diseases (OMS), and their clinical and therapeutic implications. The use of the app format (instead of paper) allows the use of interactive images, and consulting more information, glossary and bibliography without abandoning reading. It also includes a...

    • iOS
    • Android
  • The Miracle of Life

    A complete educational application, focused on the human body´s cycle of life. Available in both English and Spanish, its creation has been supervised by professionals in the fields of education and medicine. In a fun and entertaining manner, it explains the secrets of fertilization, gestation, and human growth.

    • iOS
  • mobiCeliac [XL]

    This app is intended for coeliac people (registration with a Coeliac Association is required to access the content). It contains a gluten free food guide, a guide of facilities –restaurants, shops- and allows to scan products to detect whether they are gluten free.

    • iOS
    • Android
  • MySugr Companion

    This app is intended to help patients with diabetes manage their disease. It allows to track blood glucose levels, and helps patients to stay motivated by setting challenges and giving support to achieve these goals.

    • iOS