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ICT and Health Survey in Catalonia 2007

The aim of the survey is to gauge the level of development of ICT within the public health network (XSUP) of Catalonia. The first phase of the analysis has included public health organisations, such as hospitals and health centres; later, the aim is to incorporate the rest of the network, i.e. nursing home and mental health resources and private hospital providers.

One source of information for the Map of Trends was the survey conducted on 65 medical institutions of the XSUP. This sample is made up of a total of 30 primary care and 60 specialist bodies. This sample is equivalent to 100% of hospitals and primary care organisations in the XSUP. 

Some health care systems in other countries have begun to develop initiatives to objectively observe the progress in the diffusion of ICT in health services, both in terms of the volume of this activity and the direction being followed by different organisations within the system. In fact, these initiatives are the application in the health sector of what is already being done in other areas to measure the spread of new technologies. 

In this context, the TicSalut Foundation has launched this study to determine the level of development of ICT in healthcare organisations in Catalonia; the Map of Trends. It is an annual publication that aims to become a benchmark in the industry regarding the development and use of ICT.

The Map of Trends is complemented by a monograph on a particular aspect of ICT-related news, which will be different each year. The 2007 monograph is about the websites of health institutions in Catalonia.