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ICT and Health Survey in Catalonia 2008

In this context, the TicSalut Foundation for the second consecutive year conducted its study to determine the level of development of ICT in health institutions in Catalonia. Each year, in addition to the data and analysis of progress in the implementation of ICT in the health system, we aim to analyse one issue in depth that has a particular impact. In 2007 it was an analysis of the websites in the public health system. This year we have focused on the management and funding of ICT. In addition to the goal of having a more accurate view of this issue, it will serve as a tool to organise, at a later date, a workshop on the management of ICT, using the practices of other countries as a reference and the development of a set of instructions and suggestions which may be useful for the governance of our health system.

From the data in the Map of Trends 2008 it can be seen that there has been progress on most indicators and, more importantly, the growing awareness that this is not a cumulative phenomenon, with more tools and more health professionals, but rather a paradigm shift in the organisation that will surely improve the quality of care to citizens and the working conditions of health professionals.

This year for the first time the study also features the SITIC Strategic Plan for the health sector in Catalonia 2008-2011, which will undoubtedly have a major impact in this sector.