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International Trends 2011

The analysis conducted to identify the major international trends in information and communication technologies (ICT) in the health sector for 2011 has led to the choice of 8 major trends that have been structured around 4 main pillars:

  • Governance/regulation: trends in organising the development of ICT, in its planning and regulation, and in the mechanisms put in place to ensure its governance.
  • Provision of health services: trends in the use and impact of ICT in the provision of health services.
  • Technology/software: trends in the software available to health managers and professionals to develop their duties.
  • Technology/hardware: trends in the hardware required for the development of ICT projects and services.

The presentation of the Map of Trends 2011 included the international experience of Mr. Madis Tiik, CEO of the Estonian eHealth Foundation, who presented the experience in Estonia of electronic data sharing, a system which has improved the transparency, efficiency and quality of their health services.