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International Trends 2012

In the study of international tendencies 2012 in ICT and Health, the most important fact is the growing importance of collaborative intelligence in health. In other words, collaborative work in health is seen to be more and more essential in order to achieve the right result, one that stimulates the delocation of knowledge, technological innovation and collaboration between healthcare centres and levels.

Intelligent health also appears in the tendencies as an element transforming health systems and placing citizens at the centre. Applications such as remote patient monitoring in real-time or robot assisted surgery are seen as an international tendency which is likely to increase exponentially in the coming years.

We must also highlight the consolidation of the tendency to integrate health and social services in order to be able to offer better and more co-ordinated attention in the face of the ageing population and the increase in chronic disease. This integration requires suitable technology to make it sustainable and truly effective. Systems such as Health 2.0, eHealth and health over the mobile are firmly installed in health systems in order to facilitate the inclusion of certain groups, monitoring of the sick, improvement of communication between assistance levels, prevention and promotion of health. This is a tendency which is consolidated more and more every year and, through the rapid development of technological applications, is likely to evolve as an essential tool in future health.