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International Metrics

To determine the degree of adoption of ICT in health centres it is necessary to have and use metrics. There are currently two international metrics that are applied to acute care hospitals, one developed by the European Union, the composite index (IC-EU27), which assesses the level of technology in general, and another developed by HIMSS Analytics Europe, the metric Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM), more focused on assessing the implementation and use of electronic medical records.

The Composite Index metric (CI-EU27) of the European Union

Within the framework of the European Digital Agenda, there was a need for a tool for eHealth benchmarking of acute care hospitals in Europe. With this aim a survey on the implementation of eHealth in 1000 hospitals was conducted, which became a proposed index based on 43 items grouped into four dimensions (infrastructure; applications and integration; flows of information, security and privacy), which they have called IC-EU27.

Catalonia is the first region to have passed these indicators to 100% of its hospitals, which allows us to have objective data to compare their results with the average of all 27 European countries studied. According to the results obtained, Catalonia is in eighth place, surpassing the European average, in the eHealth Hospital Deployment Index, which comprises all 27 countries. 92% of the hospitals in the Catalan public system are above the average.

eHealth Hospital Deployment index

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The EMRAM metric from HIMSS Analytics Europe

The EMRAM model (Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model), a European adaptation made by HIMSS Analytics Europe from its American model, is a prestigious technological measure which classifies hospitals into eight levels. It evaluates 177 items aimed at ascertaining the level of use of electronic medical records and implementation of the different eHealth records.

Catalonia has also been a pioneer in offering all Catalan acute care centres the opportunity to be evaluated using this metric. Currently, of the 45 acute care centres evaluated, we already have four hospitals rated at level 6: Badalona Serveis Assistencials, Hospital Clínic, Consorci del Maresme i la Selva and Parc de Salut Mar.

EMRAM Score Comparision

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